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You probably already have an opinion on NC's HB2, and even if you do you most likely have only heard about the discriminatory "bathroom" issue and that's a shame.  The section on HB2 that applies to bathrooms is only a small part of it and there is nothing in the bill regarding enforcement for it.  It was written as a hot button throwaway issue to rally the evangelicals and distract liberals in an election year.  The rest of HB2 is actually far more discriminatory and devious and that's why the bathroom issue smokescreen exists.  So if you haven't read up on the rest of HB2 then it's something you should do before voting.  

A few links to articles that will help in understanding HB2:

After you've read the details on HB2 you'll likely want to know who is responsible for it.  Did your representative vote for it? 


Here's a list of those who voted for it:

Republicans - ALL of them except for three who were absent (Jeter, McGrady, and Pendleton)  

Democrats -